Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Hot Off The Hook 2017 Patterns & Tips E-Book (in PDF file) with 38 Patterns and Tips including three new patterns.

Personalization at the top of each page after the cover page like this - 
"Hot off The Hook Patterns and Tips 2017 Book - Property of *your name*" .

****** SPECIAL ******
Get your copy for a Gift Donation of $3.00 USD USD NO LIMIT on Number you order. 
Payment via - PayPal or Facebook or even snail mail accepted. 

PayPal doesn't charge fees if a person receives a gift. Please send me a message through a Private Facebook message or via the Contact Form at the right on the link below for PayPal info.

All E-Books are sent via Email or Facebook messenger.
Thank You 

 ITEMS for sale to raise money for our Senior expenses

 The Royal and White Tail Hanging Out with a Twist hat
Central School colors (Meesy Bun Style) 
$25 each local pickup.

The Navy and Gold Tail Hanging Out with a Twist hat
Huntingdon School colors (Messy Bun Style)
$25 each local pickup

The Purple and Gold Tail Hanging Out with a Twist hat
Bethel College colors
$25 each local pickup

Also Ready Are Some Really Nice One of A Kind Hats.
These are made from Yarn that I no longer have available.

$25 each local pickup

$25 each local pickup

The One of A Kind hats will be removed from this page as they sell.